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It stands to reason that as a rule, the Virtual Platforms are utilized for storing the privy info. And it should be said that they turn it into life perfectly. But do they dispose of other functionalities? Could we utilize them for other purposes? We think that the Deal Rooms are cross-functional. As it happens, […]

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In Scala, filtering and processing collections is easy and elegant. There are many filtermethods available, but the most used will probably the basic filter method. Here’s a code example of some filtering on my (ex)camera collection. The filter method will not only work on Lists, but on any Scala collection.

Running this example will […]

One of the coolest things a standard Scala install will give you, is the Scala interpreter. Technically speaking, this is not an interpreter. In the background, each statement is quickly compiled into bytecode and executed on the jvm. Therefore, most people refer to it as the REPL: Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop. You can access it by starting a […]

If you are a Java developer moving to Scala, one notable difference in terminology that can cause confusion is the term ‘object’. In Java an object is always an instance of a class, created by calling a constructor. Object In Scala an object is used for defining a single instance of a class with the […]

In Scala there exist the construct of a ‘case class’. According to Martin Odersky this supports you to write a “regular, non-encapsulated data structure”. It always seems to be associated with pattern matching. So when to use a case class and when to use a ‘plain’ class? I found this nice explanation stating: “Case classes […]

Say you have a arbitrary class under test, which is dependent on a class DataProcessor which has a method with the following signature:

you might want to stub it with Mockito 1.9.5 in the following way to match the generic typed class:

However running this, gives the following error:

This is caused […]

Say you want to test a method from class which extends some kind of superclass. Sometimes you can be dependent on code in the superclass, which is undesirable in a test. Now actually, the first thing you should consider is to refactor your code, because it’s violating the Single Responsibility design principle: there is more […]

Mockito has a very nice feature that allows you to verify what parameters were used when a method was executed. For example:

However, when using generic typed objects, some problems rise up. For example, the following won’t work:

This is obviously not a Mockito problem, but a generics problem. To solve this, follow […]


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This blog deals with Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, DevOps, Lean Startup, Management 3.0, Radical Management, the STOOS Network, and more of these things that make the world of software development a better place. However, this blog isn’t about popular terms. It’s about the way we work.

I’m a professional software engineer since 2001 and when I was introduced to agile software development years ago, it really came to me as a revelation. There used to be this saying ‘everything becomes liquid under pressure’, but many times I wondered ‘why can’t it always be liquid?’ I found that adhering to the principles of the agile manifesto, things really can become liquid, without the need of pressure!

Since then I’ve been gaining quite some experience as a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach while always keep getting my hands busy with coding as developer. From different points of view, I’ve seen many teams and companies trying to do/be agile. I’ve seen seen that culture, history, rigid organizational structures and simple lack of know-how makes the quest for agility difficult. This struggle to improve the way we work inspires this blog.

This is about learning through experience. My experience and of others, shared with anybody who’s interested. In my daily life, I work as developer and Agile Coach/ScrumMaster for various companies and I learn everyday. And while I’m learning, I’ll share my experiences and those of others. Maybe you can benefit from it, and at the very least, I hope you enjoy it as a good read.

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