Welcome to Agile Arts.

This blog deals with Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, DevOps, Lean Startup, Management 3.0, Radical Management, the STOOS Network, and more of these things that make the world of software development a better place. However, this blog isn’t about popular terms. It’s about the way we work.

I’m a professional software engineer since 2001 and when I was introduced to agile software development years ago, it really came to me as a revelation. There used to be this saying ‘everything becomes liquid under pressure’, but many times I wondered ‘why can’t it always be liquid?’ I found that adhering to the principles of the agile manifesto, things really can become liquid, without the need of pressure!

Since then I’ve been gaining quite some experience as a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach while always keep getting my hands busy with coding as developer. From different points of view, I’ve seen many teams and companies trying to do/be agile. I’ve seen seen that culture, history, rigid organizational structures and simple lack of know-how makes the quest for agility difficult. This struggle to improve the way we work inspires this blog.

This is about learning through experience. My experience and of others, shared with anybody who’s interested. In my daily life, I work as developer and Agile Coach/ScrumMaster for various companies and I learn everyday. And while I’m learning, I’ll share my experiences and those of others. Maybe you can benefit from it, and at the very least, I hope you enjoy it as a good read.

I’m also very interested in your opinions and experiences. If you’re interested in doing a guest blog, or have remarks, questions or suggestions, drop me a line through the contact form.

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